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What is HARO?​

HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is an online public relations platform that connects subject matter experts with journalists, reporters, and bloggers. They can then quote these credible sources within their articles.

Why HARO?​

Acquiring links from the world’s most popular and reputable media outlets is not an easy feat. Most business owners can only dream about being featured on leading publications like Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Huffington Post, USA Today, Shopify, American Express, or Cosmopolitan. 

Using the HARO link building method, we can get your brand featured in these top media outlets. This method is an incredibly powerful way to acquire strong backlinks and noteworthy brand mentions.

How Does HARO Work?​

HARO has a learning curve but once you get a hang of the best practices, it’s pretty straightforward.


Journalists submit queries through HARO platform

HARO is an online platform where thousands of journalists, reporters, and bloggers search for subject matter experts for their stories.


The queries are sent to sources

Monday through Friday, three times per day, HARO platform will send a newsletter with journalist queries to all registered sources. Each newsletter will include a number of queries – sometimes a few, and sometimes a few hundreds.


Sources answer queries​

Sources respond to journalists’ queries following their instructions and requirements to the letter.


Best pitches get quoted​

Brands that present the best solution to a journalist’s query get quoted in articles, often with a backlink to the brand’s homepage.

Sounds too good to be true? Yes, there is a small catch.

HARO is very laborious

Journalists receive several dozen or even hundreds of pitches for a single query. Your pitch must stand out to be selected.

Journalists work with very tight deadlines. You must respond very quickly to be considered.

Journalists want valuable credible expertise. You must provide unique insights that are worthy of being quoted.

Journalists want responses that are quick and easy to quote. Your pitch must be error-free, succinct, and perfectly formatted.

In short, HARO requires a significant amount of time and resources. If you follow the best HARO practices, you can expect to spend 8-10 hours to receive a single link. And if you have not mastered “HAROing”, you might get no links at all.

Outsourcing HARO is definitely worth considering if you want to gain exposure and improve your DA (Domain Authority) and DR (Domain Rating) without having to sacrifice time and effort that could be better spent within your business.

We will handle all the heavy lifting while you reap the rewards.


Pitches Sent


Links Earned


Happy Clients


First Link Earned

How Do We HARO?​

In a nutshell, we carefully review journalist requests, select the most suitable opportunities, and then our subject matter experts ghostwrite persuasive and knowledgeable pitches on your behalf. Some of our insights get selected to be quoted in journalist’s stories, and your business gets featured in leading media publications.


Order Your HARO Backlink Package

You select a package that fits your needs and budget.


Get onboarded​

We learn about your brand, your business, your value proposition, your founders, and your website. We offer tips on optimizing your website and your social media profiles to build trust with journalists. We set up our tools and get to work.


Relax and watch the links rolling in​

We review and vet thousands of journalist queries to select the best opportunities for your brand, craft compelling insights, and pitch them to journalists. We report on every link we secure in our real-time backlink tracking dashboard.

Is Haro Right for You?​

HARO backlinks are powerful and “white hat”, almost all businesses would benefit from our HARO link building services.

Links obtained through journalist outreach services, such as HARO, not only improve a website’s search ranking and traffic, but they also build brand recognition, credibility, and could even attract new customers. Can you think of any businesses that would not benefit from HARO?

After years of experience doing HARO link building, we learned that some businesses do better at HARO than others. Your business can expect great results if it falls under Lifestyle, Healthcare, Fitness, or Business and Finance niches. Businesses that journalists are highly unlikely to quote in their stories are “gray” niches like adult, gambling, pharma, essay writing, and dating.

High Quality

While DR (Domain Rating) is not the only metric to measure the quality of a backlink, We focus on getting links from DR20+ authoritative websites.

Do-follow and No-follow

Even a no-follow link from a major publication like Forbes can provide significant value to your business in terms of SEO, referral traffic, and brand exposure. You will get both do-follow and no-follow links from HARO link building, but you won’t be charged for no-follow links.

Relevant and Generic

While we do our best to select media outlets relevant to your niche, you will get plenty of “generic” placements. Our focus with HARO link building is getting your business featured on high authority media outlets that are incredibly difficult to get links from – even if they are not highly relevant to your business

And here are some wins we are proud of:


How Much Does HARO Cost?​

HARO is free for both sources and journalists. 

When you pay for HARO, what you are paying for is all the work of sourcing, vetting, and pitching.

You’ll see some agencies charge $750 for one HARO link, and some $300. On average, you can expect to pay around $400 for DR40+ HARO link.

Our pricing is fair and transparent: pay for every qualifying link you get. Higher DR links cost more. Lower DR links cost less. Links below DR20 are free. Duplicate links are free.

Price per linkfreefree$149$249$299$349$399$499$599$699

HARO Packages​

Choose the plan that works best for your business.

Our link guarantee: We will keep pitching until we get your link outputs. Full refund for non-placements.

Buzzlogic has been a game-changer for my business. Their HARO link building services have helped me establish my brand as an industry leader and drive more traffic to pMax. The team is knowledgeable, easy to work with, and they always deliver on their promises.​

Cynthia Halow

I actually knew very little to nothing about backlinks, so I was hesitant to invest in link building for Oliver Wicks. However, after seeing OW mentioned by major media outlets, I was hooked! I’ve been a customer for a few years now, and links just keep getting better!

Emily Cooper
Oliver Wicks

I can’t say enough good things about Buzzlogic’s HARO link building services. They have helped me build high-quality backlinks that have significantly improved my website’s domain authority. My traffic (and revenue) has increased a lot – all thanks to these links.

Harland Adkins

Frequently Asked Questions​

Here are some questions we get asked most often. 

What do you need from me to kick off my HARO order?

Our onboarding is quick and simple. We will send you a form to fill out, and will help you with any questions or issues you may have to make the process as smooth as possible. The two most important things we will ask for are:

1) your “spokesperson” and 
2) an email address on your domain.

Most journalists want to receive insights from subject matter experts (CEO, CMO, founder, or another C-level person on your team) so we will need information about your “spokesperson” (headshot, name, a short bio, social media profile links, etc.) 
We will also need you to set up a new email address we will use to reply to journalist requests. We welcome any brand or style guidelines, or any other information that will help us to create pitches that are in your style, and use your voice. 

How do you write HARO pitches?

Our HARO service is designed to maximize your chances of securing high quality backlinks. We come up with cleverly written, grammatically correct, and quotable pitches. We also believe that using creative license in our pitches is crucial to securing the best possible backlinks for your business. Unless you instruct us otherwise, we will come up with unique angles and interesting stories.

Can I write pitches myself, or approve pitches you write?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Timing is a critical component of successful HARO link building, because there are strict deadlines to be met. Approving pitches would drastically decrease our success rate.

When can I expect results?

From our experience, it takes 6+ weeks to see links coming through. The longest we’ve seen from our pitch to live publication is 11 months! We start pitching as soon as onboarding is complete but it takes time for journalists to write and publish their articles. We usually expect to see your first link 6-8 weeks after our first pitch.

Do you guarantee links?

Yes and no. While we have no control over the content of journalists’ articles, we do have control over our pitching process. We guarantee that we will keep pitching until we get you the links you purchased. And remember you only pay for the links you receive.

Can you get me a link from Forbes?

HARO does not work the same way PR campaigns do. PR campaigns often target specific audiences, and you have some control over messaging and the story you want to tell. With HARO, journalists have full editorial control. This is why we cannot promise that your business will be featured in a particular media.

Are there any niches you can’t provide HARO links for?

Based on our experience, we know that certain niches are very challenging to build HARO links for. This is why we do not work with gambling, pharmaceuticals (CBD, drugs, etc.), adult (dating, porn, etc.), vaping, loans, and crypto. If you are unsure whether your niche is a good fit, get in touch with us and we will happily discuss if/how we can work together.

When you say HARO, do you mean you only do HARO?

When we say HARO, we mean genuine editorial links from high authority media outlets. HARO became a common term to describe a certain kind of link building. We do use different HARO-like platforms (HaB2BW, ProfNet, SourceBottle, and Terkel) as well to get your HARO links.

Do I get a report?

Yes! You will see all the backlinks we’ve acquired, along with relevant information like DR, anchor text, etc.

How does your payment system work?

You purchase a package that fits your needs and budget. Your purchase amount is credited towards your HARO campaign. Each time we win a link for you, the price of that link is deducted from your balance. We continue pitching until we have exhausted the entire credit on your account.

Do we charge for every link?

We do not. 

Many journalist requests are anonymous, and when we reply to their request, we do not know who we are pitching to. As a result, our insights (and your link) might land on websites that are not very relevant to your niche, low DR, or on a domain you already have a link from. You will only be paying for links on DR20+ domains you don’t already have links from.
We also do not charge you for no-follow and syndicated links.

HARO is free, why should I pay you to do HARO?

Doing HARO is incredibly time-consuming. Did you know that you’ll need to write 10-20 pitches to land a single backlink? Each pitch might take you as long as 30 minutes to write, and you would invest 5-10 hours of your time to get just one link. Add the time to sift through all the queries and to vet publications, and you are looking at a full-time job. It’s best to leave it to professionals.

Can I choose my own anchor text?

Unfortunately, you can’t. We have zero control over the links; HARO journalists have full editorial control. Their goal is to produce high quality articles, and they decide what and how to include them in their articles. Most of the time, journalists will link to your homepage using your business name, your founder’s name, or your website’s name as anchor text.

Can I choose a page to build links to?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Journalists decide who to link to, who to include in their stories, and how to link to them. Most of the time, they choose to link to your business’ homepage.

Will my links appear on niche-relevant websites?

We do our best to ensure that your business is included on websites that are relevant to your niche but that is not always possible. On average, every 4th pitch we write is submitted to a journalist who did not disclose their name and media outlet. We do not ignore anonymous requests because those often come from the most desirable websites (Forbes, Huffington Post, Business Insider). As a result, you will get quoted on media outlets that are not relevant to your niche. 

This being said, if relevance is your primary focus, then HARO might be not the best link building method for you. HARO focuses on getting links from highly authoritative media outlets with incredible domain authority.

Is HARO link building Google-compliant?

HARO links “white hat” because they are editorial. We don’t compensate journalists for featuring your business. HARO links are compliant with Google’s quality guidelines and safe.

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