About Buzzlogic

Buzzlogic is a team of SEO and content experts that understand the connection between online visibility and a brand’s success. Together, we have over 30+ years of industry-specific experience and a proven track record of helping clients build quality white hat backlinks.

Discover our journey through key milestones and events.

Our History

Alpha Investors, Buzzlogic, FlippingWebsites, 3WAG, RankXL… What is going on here? And who is Andrej? Find out about our winding journey right here.

2019: Our Humble Beginning

Alpha Investors Is Founded

Buzzlogic began its journey as Alpha Investors, founded by Andrej Ilisin. The company’s focus was on assisting investors, entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, and e-commerce sellers in building, buying, and selling their businesses online.

2019: Our Humble Beginning
2019: Synergistic Growth

Alpha Investors Acquires FlippingWebsites

Alpha Investors acquires Richard Patey’s FlippingWebsites.co, an established online community with over 2,000 members. This acquisition was the first step in establishing Alpha Investors as the go-to company for anyone looking to buy, sell, or build their online business.

2019: Synergistic Growth
2019: SEO Secrets Revealed

Alpha Investors Acquires RankXL

Alpha Investors acquires RankXL, a well-known blog with comprehensive guides on SEO and affiliate marketing, authored by Chris Lee. As part of the acquisition, Alpha Investors begins offering their clients “Authority SEO,” a course designed to teach them how to set up, grow, and sell websites.

2019: SEO Secrets Revealed
2020: Listening to the Buzz

Buzzlogic Is Born

Alpha Investors becomes a well-known name in the industry, and website owners continually ask for help in growing their revenue. To meet this need, Alpha Investors creates a sister company, Buzzlogic, to provide search engine and conversion rate optimization services for content-based businesses.

2020: Listening to the Buzz
2022: Joining Forces

Acquired by 3WAG

3WAG, a holding company that discovers and grows great digital brands, acquires Buzzlogic and Alpha Investors. Both companies are a great addition to 3WAG’s portfolio of fast-growing and trusted brands.

2022: Joining Forces
2022: Streamlining Operations

Buzzlogic and Alpha Investors Merge

After the acquisition by 3WAG, Buzzlogic and Alpha Investors merged to streamline operations and boost efficiency. The newly merged company continues to provide exceptional search engine optimization services for content-based businesses.

2022: Streamlining Operations
2023: Niching Down

Maximum Value with HARO

In 2023, Buzzlogic makes the strategic decision to focus exclusively on HARO link building. Years of link building experience have shown that this is where the company brings the most value to its customers and what it does best.

2023: Niching Down

Our Values​

When we strive to achieve your (and our goals), we are driven by our values.


We are results driven

Every action we take has the end goal in mind. We evaluate every opportunity that comes our way to chase a few with the potential to deliver exceptional results.


We innovate​

Search engine algorithms are always changing, and we know how to keep up. In this fast-paced digital world, we’re experts at staying ahead of the curve.


We value your time​

Your time is valuable, so we’re here to save it. We’ll take care of the entire HARO process for you from A to Z. Once we’ve set up and launched your campaign, all we need from you is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the impressive backlinks we’ve earned for your brand.

Meet The Team

Head of Operations
Simona Dobreva

Simona is the magic behind the scenes of our daily operations. As Head of Operations, she’s the one who keeps all our departments running like a well-oiled machine. With her ninja-like coordination skills, she streamlines our processes and ensures everything we do is in compliance with industry regulations and standards.

Senior Link Building Specialist
Rali Dodova

Rali never thought her media degree would lead to building links at a HARO agency. But it turns out she’s a natural at it – thriving in this fast-paced and dynamic environment. She not only enjoys the challenge but excels at it, bringing a level of expertise and passion to the link building process that sets her apart from the rest.

Link Building Specialist
Sandra Krstevska

Sandra has a passion for writing, researching, and presenting reliable information to a wide public. She is trained in Journalism & Communication and she’s been building on that with Digital Marketing and SEO for almost 12 years. Sandra is and impressive link-builder, marketer, digital PR specialist, and is a rare asset to our team.

People and Culture Officer
Alan Mitchell

Alan is the team’s secret weapon – the glue that holds us all together. He’s helped build a truly marvelous and high-performing culture within our company. With a background in linguistics and vast experience in a variety of industries – from education to hospitality to PR. He’s worked across Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia, bringing a wealth of global experience and insights to our team.

Group CEO
Daniel Bueter

Daniel is a seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience in high-level management and board positions. He offers strategic consultation and executive advisory services, bringing expertise in financial management, legal compliance, and big-picture problem-solving to help businesses achieve growth and profitability.

Chief Strategy Officer
Elena Buetler

Elena is the brains behind our company’s success. As our dedicated CSO, she’s the driving force behind our website development, content management, social media, and strategic partnerships. Elena’s the mastermind behind Buzzlogic, and when we need “The Strategist” perspective, she’s our ultimate go-to.

Executive Assistant
Nina Mitrovic

Meet Nina – the organizational wizard who keeps our schedules and communication channels neat, tidy, and always on point. With a degree in Business Management and experience in exciting fields like Real Estate and Airlines, Nina brings a unique perspective and skill set to the table. Her ability to juggle multiple tasks and prioritize her work is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Quality Control Manager

Meet our furry friend and resident quality control manager, Nila! With a nose for sniffing out any potential issues, she keeps a watchful eye over our team and ensures everything is running smoothly.

We wouldn’t be much without our experts.

Our Extended Powerhouse of Expertise

Our success at Buzzlogic is tied to our team of subject matter expert writers and fact-checkers. Every pitch we write is thoughtful, thoroughly researched, relevant, and fact-checked. We ensure our writers are veterans of their industry and can write a compelling pitch. It’s then our fact-checkers who provide that extra safety net to guarantee that every word you put your name to is one to be proud of.

Our Fact-Checkers

Factual accuracy is the foundation of a successful HARO pitch. A witty pitch might grab the attention of a journalist, but it won’t get quoted if it’s biased, fake, or misleading. That’s where our subject matter experts jump in. Every pitch we write gets fact-checked to ensure the information is correct.

Our Writers

Facts and naked truths are great, but if the presentation is dry, a respective journalist might not quote the source. That’s why our fact-checkers work hand-in-hand with our team of creative writers. Our years of experience in this industry have helped us build relationships with outstanding content writers that are ready to wrap up your brand’s message in a beautiful pitch bow.

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