10 Benefits Of Blogging That Make It Worth Pursuing In 2020 1

10 Benefits Of Blogging That Make It Worth Pursuing In 2023

Is it worth starting a blog in 2023?

Recent studies suggest that there are more than 600 million active blogs across the web.

Don’t worry, an Ahrefs study found that 90% of those blogs get no traffic at all because of poor content, weak SEO, and inconsistent publishing.

If you can avoid those mistakes, you can establish a successful blog even today and enjoy the benefits of blogging.

And making money online is just one of them

Trust me, blogging can change your life in so many different ways (just like it changed mine).

In this article, I’ll share some of the biggest benefits of blogging that make it such an attractive profession as compared to the soul-crushing 9-5 lifestyle.

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1. Work Where You Want On Your Own Terms

This is the biggest one, and the one I appreciate the most.

The freedom to work on your own terms wherever you want and whenever you want is the most satisfying thing in the world.

When you run a successful blog, you can work from home, in a co-working space, or while traveling. It’s cliche to say, but you really can work from wherever there’s an internet connection.

It’s a dream millions of people have achieved through blogging ad millions of others are still chasing it.

A 2019 survey found that more than 7.4 million Americans identify themselves as digital nomads, while 57.1 million Americans aspire to live the laptop lifestyle in the next 2 years.


Because of blogging, I’ve been living this lifestyle for several years now.

When you run a successful blog, you can work from home, in a co-working space, or while travelling. It’s cliche to say, but you really can work from wherever there’s an internet connection.

Every year, I’m able to travel to different countries, explore the world, and still be able to work on my business.

I don’t have to “use up” my vacation days in order to take some time off.

And while travelling is great, the real reason I appreciate being free is being able to work during hours that I choose.

I’m not a morning person at all, and I prefer to work in the afternoon and nights. That’s just the way I am.

And being able to set my own hours gives me the liberty to do just that without any of the consequences.

2. Blogging Helps You Earn Passive Income

Blogging is the closest thing to passive income  (nothing’s 100% passive)

Once you have a successful blog that attracts consistent traffic and monetize it with Adsense or affiliate products, you don’t need to trade your time for money.

You can keep earning even when you’re sleeping, traveling, enjoying with friends, or working on other projects.

A blog is different from other business models in that you don’t need to be present for it to run, function, and make money. It’s live and running on the internet 24/7 whether you are there or not.

I frequently take a few weeks off and income stays the same or even increases. I don’t have to be answering to my boss, or stressing out about servicing clients.

If everything is set up properly, you can work to GROW your business rather than working to maintain it.

And if you’ve built it using proper SEO strategies, Google will continue to send massive amounts of traffic to your site whether you like it or not!

People will keep coming to your site and make you money by clicking on Adsense ads or buying affiliate products through your content.

That’s the power of SEO. It’s how you can build consistent, growing traffic to a blog. If you’re interested in that kind of thing, I built an entire course about it.

3. Blogging Opens Up Multiple Ways To Make Money Online

3. Blogging Opens Up Multiple Ways To Make Money Online

One of the biggest benefits of blogging which makes it a much more attractive business model than any other I know is the number of ways you can earn money from your blog once it starts getting regular traffic.

There’s no limit to how much you can grow your income because there are so many different blog monetization methods.

For example, you can start monetization with Adsense and Amazon Affiliate products. You can also promote relevant digital products from CJ, ClickBank, ShareaSale, Offervault etc.

Once you have an email list of 1000+ subscribers, you can launch your own digital products like eBooks or video courses and sell them for much higher prices than what you make from affiliate products.

And that’s just the start.

There are tons of other ways to monetize your blog as shown in this image.


Many of the methods in this image are completely passive while some require your time.

Either way, when traffic starts flowing in, your blog becomes a launchpad for so many different business models.

Even if you branch out into a few of them, you can make a lot of money while working a lot less than people working in conventional corporate jobs.

4. The More Money You Invest In Blogging, The More You Can Earn

Yes, as I mentioned above, blogging can provide you with passive income. You can make good money from it while working few hours.

For example, because I have already done strong SEO for my blogs, just adding new articles every month will increase my traffic and revenue more than the last month.

But one of the problems with a blogging business being so passive is that it can make you lazy.

If something’s making money for you whether you’re working or not, it can make you choose to just lay back and enjoy the ride, and forget about working altogether. I’ve been guilty of that myself.

But do that too long, and you might watch your business slowly disintegrate over time.

While working few hours can seem great at first, it’s much better to accelerate your growth and grow your blog as much as you can.

And the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. The months where I’m working the most are when I’m earning the most money as well.

What do I mean by investing money in my blog?

Hiring content writers to create more content every month, creating infographics by hiring designers, building backlinks via HARO and other paid methods, investing in new blogging tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush, purchasing courses to acquire new skills that can help you grow your blog, etc.

5. Blogging Keeps Challenging You To Grow More

Good and Bad times

Challenges are good things.

It tests your creativity, willingness to learn and test out new things, and your ability to be organized and productive.

Over the years, there were a lot of good times, but there were plenty of bad times as well. And being able to overcome them and challenging myself to grow to the next level has really shaped me into a better and stronger person today.

There are a lot of moving parts to SEO and growing an actual business out of a blog, and it takes work to put them all together.

But once you get it right, it feels amazing and you can’t stop working to chase that feeling again and again. It’s why I continuously build new blogs every year.

6. Blogging Helps You Build New Skills

The last full-time job I had was as an SEO specialist at a marketing agency. It was a pretty big agency in my city, and I’m still surprised that I was hired.

Why? Because I had no professional experience or formal education in this area. The only experience I had was in building and growing my own blogs.

But apparently, that is what made me stand out from the crowd.

Agencies don’t want to hire SEO’s with marketing degrees where everything they learned about SEO and digital marketing was from a textbook.

They want real world experience, and that’s something that most people don’t have.

Plus, I was able to develop so many other skills because of blogging like copywriting, social media marketing, link building, analytics, networking, collaborations, lead generation, and so much more.

By having my own successful blogs that were ranking in Google and driving traffic, I had something real and relevant to show employers. That’s why I was hired.

(I’m not just assuming about this either.

I later asked my boss why I was hired when they probably had a ton of college grads and MBA’s apply for the job, and that is exactly what he told me.)

7. Blogging Turns You Into A Confident Person

This is something that I’ve noticed to be very true. At least for me.

When you run your own business, you get a feeling of accomplishment that I’ve never felt anywhere else. This is especially true when you run an online business since blogging is unlike most other businesses out there.

It’s something not many people know about, or fully understand. And it’s a really cool feeling to explain it to people because they just find it so interesting. Although… that can also make it very difficult to explain.

Blogging has also improved my productivity, critical thinking, and time management. I’m also a better writer and communicator. All of these things gave me a level of confidence that I honestly never had before.

8. Blogging Helps You Make New Friends

Blogging is weird. It’s all online, so you never really interact with real customers and colleagues out in the real world.

However, it’s because of this very fact that other bloggers and people who work online are more willing than others to make close friendships with others who are in the same field as them.

Over the years, I’ve been able to make friends with a lot of different bloggers and marketers who all work online just like me.

And because we share the same goal and passion of building and growing online businesses, we’ve been able to become close friends in a short amount of time.

This friendship pays off in terms of business results as well.

I’ve got tons of backlinks to my blogs from other high authority sites because the blog owners knew me or my friends published guest posts with links to my articles.

The same goes for product launches, webinars, and all other online business activities. Whenever I’m launching something new, I get a ton of help from my connections built becuase of blogging.

As someone rightly said, your network is your net worth.

You truly experience this on the way to building a successful blog.

9. Blogging Is A Sustainable And Long-Term Business Model

Contrary to popular belief, blogging and SEO are among the most sustainable and long-term business models in the world right now if you go about them the right way.

Let me explain.

According to the latest Global Digital Report (Jan 2020), the worldwide internet penetration rate is just 59%.


This means 41% of the global population still doesn’t have even a basic internet connection. 

But internet penetration is increasing exponentially all around the world.

All of them turn to Google Search to learn new information, find new products, businesses etc.

Guess where will Google send them?

To any blogs and websites that serve high quality content and are optimized for search engines.

Blogs and websites aren’t going anywhere.

You’re only at risk if you’ve built your blog using black hat SEO strategies. If that’s the case, you should be worried.

But if you’ve stuck to the recommended white-hat SEO tactics, published great content, and built high authority backlinks, every new Google algorithm update will benefit you.

In short, blogging, SEO, and content creation is here to stay.

10. High-Quality Blogs Sell Like Hot Cakes

This is truly one of the best parts about building and growing successful blogs.

Blogs can be sold for ~30x monthly revenue. The sites I sell go for up to 35x (because of really strong SEO). For example, it’s the reason why I turned down $75,000 when someone offered to purchase my blog.

That means that if you build a blog to $5000/month, then you can have a payday of $150,000! That’s insane, and one of the greatest advantages of working in such a business.

There is a huge payout at the end.

Even a blog that makes $1000/month (which is not difficult to grow to if you know what you’re doing) can be sold for $30,000!

Just check out some of the listings of blogs for sale on Empire Flippers:

Blogs being sold for millions of dollars…

Might sound crazy, but it’s not. These are real businesses that people are building and selling online, and these are the numbers possible when you build a valuable high-traffic blog.

I’m not saying it’s easy to grow a blog and sell it.

To sell a blog for 2-3 years worth of income, you need to publish lots of high quality content, build a solid SEO foundation, drive consistent traffic from diversified sources, have consistent revenue numbers originating from different monetization methods, and a loyal email subscriber base.

All of those things require at least a year of hard work.

But once you reach that level, the rewards are amazing and you can sell your blog for huge sum and invest it into other businesses.

In short, the hard work you put into blogging won’t go to waste if you grow a successful blog the right way.

Are You Ready To Start Your Blog?

These are just a few of the major benefits that come with running a business through blogging.

And remember: You only need one.

You only need one successful blog. A few people have the misconception that you need dozens and dozens of blogs to make a living.


It’s much easier and you’ll see faster results if you pour all your energy and focus into growing one blog at a time. Once you build up a successful one, you can start new with a new blog, taking what you learned with you to see faster results.

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