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How To Make Your Blog Popular In 3 Months Or Less

Want to make your blog popular in 3 months? First, think about it in terms of real life situations.

What’s the easiest way to get popular in real life?

Answer: Get to know popular people. Hang out with the “in” crowd and you’re automatically popular by association.

So how do you do this online?

Answer: Networking.

Influencer networking is the most effective way to kick start a new blog.

Blogs run in the same circles

You may have noticed that sometimes new faces suddenly appear to be EVERYWHERE.

Every blog you read seems to be either talking about them, interviews them in their podcast, or has a guest post written from them.

What people don’t know is that it’s just a matter of perception. It only seems this way because blogs in the same industries as each other just run in the same circles.

In reality, they can be featured on less than 10 sites. But to the people who follow these blogs, it seems like they’re “everywhere”.

I call it riding the promotion chain

You’re essentially creating a promotion chain for yourself.

One successful connection with an influencer makes it easier to get the next one, which makes it even easier to get the next one.

If timed all at once, suddenly your name and your blog seem to be extremely popular.

So how do you do this?

Dedicate 3 months

You might be thinking… 3 months?? That’s crazy long. No way.

But take into consideration the fact that most blogs don’t ever become popular.

3 months is nothing. And it doesn’t mean that you’re going to be dedicating 100% of your time for 3 months to do this.

It just means we’re going to give it 3 months before we expect to see any substantial results.

How to start connecting with influencers

Building the promotion chain takes some time. But it’s totally worth the effort if you want to go from new website to popular website in the least number of steps.

When’s the last time you dedicated an entire day to networking?

For most people, the answer’s probably never. As effective as networking is, the majority of people don’t take the time to do it.

If you’re new at this, you just want to take one day out of the week to work on nothing but networking with influencers.

Throughout the day, all you’re going to do is reach out to new influencers in your industry, introduce yourself, and start a relationship with them as a colleague in the same industry.

This can be done on Twitter, blog commenting, or email. I strongly prefer email as it’s easier to keep the conversation going.

Here’s what you should be doing, and what kind of results you should expect.

Month 1: Reaching Out

You’re simply reaching out to influencers in the same niche as you.

Simply find their email, and say hello.

It can be as simple as:

Hey Chris!

Love what you’re doing on RankXL. My name’s Jim and I run the marketing blog

Just wanted to say hello and tell you how much I’m enjoying your content.

Keep up the great work!


That’s an email that makes me happy to get. And I’ll always check out the website to see what it’s all about, since it’s in the same niche as I am. I might decide to subscribe to his email list, share one of his posts, or link to it when I’m writing in the future.

This kind of networking sounds really simple, but here’s why it’s effective. Now I know Jim. I know his site. I know he’s not a spammer.

If he messages me again in the future, I’m not guessing who this person is or what his intentions are.

Once you do this, you’re done. Move onto the next influencer and repeat the process.

Month 2: The second step of the relationship

The second step is to give them something of value.

For me, it’s either a link from my site, a share from my Twitter account, or a tip to help them out.

That’s all you’re doing in month 2. You’re going through every influencer you’ve started a conversation with, and doing something for them.

It’s easier than it sounds.

If someone publishes a new blog post, share it on Twitter. When you’re writing a new blog post, link to one of their articles (if it’s relevant). If you see something that can be improved on their site, let them know with a friendly tip.

Let them know about any links. If you share their stuff on Twitter, they’re already going to know since they’ll receive a notification. You don’t need to separately email them to let them know.

But if you link to them from your blog posts, simply email them and let them know that you gave them some love 🙂

Hey Chris!

Just wanted to let you know I gave you a shoutout in my latest blog post: URL OF YOUR BLOG POST HERE.



That’s it!

More often than not, they’ll check it out and share it on social media.

Month 3: The ASK

In month 3, we’re going in for the “ASK”.

You can ask for either a guest post on their blog, or an interview on their podcast. Which one you choose depends on the influencers’ activity.

Simply send them an email saying:

Hey Chris!

I’ve been working on a guest post that I think would do really well on your website. Hoping to publish there.

Mind if I send it over for you to take a look?

And no worries if you don’t find it to be a good fit.


The work you’ve done for the previous 2 months will make this stage much more successful than if you were contacting them for the first time.

If you can do this for every influencer you’ve connected with, all you need to do is get on 5-10 sites and suddenly, your brand and blog will appear to be everywhere.

You’ll get a flood of traffic, some juicy links from authoritative blogs, social shares, and most importantly, email subscribers.

You’ve just built a popular blog with just 3 months of carefully planned promotion using influencer networking.

3 thoughts on “How To Make Your Blog Popular In 3 Months Or Less”

  1. Great post! Informative and practical, specially for me, a new blogger who needs to run the marathon!

  2. Thanks Coral,

    Me and my girlfriend have been grinding it out since January. It’s been a journey so far. It’s definitely good to have both of us on it to stay motivated. I really enjoyed the blog though and it definitely opened the perspective of reaching out and networking with people that I didn’t really think about doing before.

    I think it’s brilliant especially for the long term game. Will work on it over the summer and look back at this blog.


    Dom & Jo

  3. Hi Coral,

    Thank you for your insightful post. I’m new to blogging and I never thought about networking like this.


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