Live Case Study: Watch Me Grow a New Site to $150,000 in 18 Months or Less

Live Case Study: Watch Me Grow a New Site to $150,000 in 18 Months or Less 1
tech Case Study July 29, 2019

I get a lot of requests from potential clients to show some proof that we know how to build and grow content sites.

Even though I usually send them a handful of sites from our portfolio, it sometimes isn’t enough.

That got me thinking. How can I showcase our skills and make it fun at the same time?

It’s easy:

I’ll create a case study in which people will root for me to fail :).

Let me explain…

As you probably know, we build, among the other things, done-for-you affiliate sites. That service breaks down into two segments:

  • Custom sites – the client picks a niche, and we build the website just for him. It’s a custom job that can either be hands-on or off for the client.
  • Turnkey sites – content sites that are already made. If the client finds something he likes, he can own it within a couple of hours.

That said, I decided to take one of our turnkey sites, a premium one (worth $3,999), grow it, and share the whole process with you.

You’re probably asking, “why would I root for you to fail?

Ha! Here’s why:

The goal of this case study is to take this new site and scale it to a point where it’s valued at least $150,000 after 18 months. We’ll keep it simple and use a standard 30x valuation (last six months). That means that the site should be making $5,000 by month #12 or #13.

What happens if I fail?

If I fail, I’ll randomly pick one person from the email list, and he or she will become a new owner of that site.

Keep in mind that I’ll invest a lot of time and money into the site. It’ll probably be making a lot of money by the end of month #18, so the new owner will have a solid asset in his portfolio (if I fail)!

Sounds interesting?

You bet!

So, here’s the deal:

Let’s start by outlining the current status of the site.

  • it’s in the hobby niche
  • the site is built on an aged domain with a relevant backlink profile
  • it’s one month old
  • it has 20,000 published words
  • it’s already ranking for a small number of keywords
  • I installed Google Analytics/Clicky and added the site to the Search Console today
  • zero revenue so far
ahfrefs referring domains
ahrefs ranking keywords
google analytics report

What I’ll do to grow the site?

I’ll be going at this pretty hard.

It’s definitely a challenge, and I plan to invest a lot of time and effort in matching/exceeding the goals I’ve set for the project. That said, here’s the general plan:

  • do keyword research like a m*fo
  • develop a content strategy and start adding new content
  • run an ongoing link building campaign
  • when traffic starts rolling in, do CRO on our top posts
  • rinse and repeat

Here’s what you can expect from me:

  • regular monthly updates showcasing the progress and what I’ve done during the previous month
  • plans for the next month
  • I’ll be bringing in guests from the industry who will confirm the authenticity of the project and verify that everything’s as I described it.
  • I probably won’t reveal the domain to the general public, but that might change

I’ll grow the site using all the techniques we use for our own and clients’ websites.

It’s a solid mix of keeping everything as simple as possible and mixing in some advanced concepts. But more on that later.

Still with me?


If you’d like to follow along and join the raffle (if I fail, of course), you’ll need to sign up to the e-mail list. You can do that below:

To be completely honest, I’m a bit nervous. Didn’t think that I’ll be building sites from scratch any time soon. But it’s really exciting. I love the process, and I’m sure you’ll find it helpful (of at least you’ll laugh at me in the end).

Keep an eye out for my first update (September 1st).

If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comment box below, and I’ll personally reply very quickly.

If not, help me spread the word by sharing the case study with your peers.

Let’s crush it!

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