Content Site Challenge - The Micro Acquisitions Approach To Flipping Websites 1

Content Site Challenge – The Micro Acquisitions Approach To Flipping Websites

At Alpha Investors we love to show what’s possible when you build sites from scratch with our live case study series.

And now we have the Flipping Websites Content Site Challenge which kicked off 1st August 2019 and runs for 12 months.

The rules for the Challenge are:

  • You have a max $10k budget to invest into the asset (can reinvest cashflow as you go, too)
  • This is a content site challenge – monetization is affiliate/ads/digital products (and not ecommerce/saas, services/local lead generation ) to keep it simple.
  • Winner is the site which has brought in the highest average last 6 months (L6M) total revenue. This takes away most seasonal variation and would result in the winner being the one with the highest asset price to sell.

The micro acquisitions strategy

We recommend building out the site on an aged domain or expired domain (such as what comes with our Alpha DFY package) or buying an existing site and then adding way more content than links.

This is the approach of a number of top website flippers, such as Adam Smith from the Facebook Group who says:

I’ve been buying, improving and flipping websites since the beginning of 2018, so not a terribly long time compared to some people.

However, in that time I’ve managed to cross the 6 figure mark and currently own a portfolio of 7 sites at various stages in the growth strategy.

My strategy revolves around content, and lots of it! Having systemised the process of finding low competition keywords that have buying intent, I intend to continue building out my current portfolio while also raising a seed fund to expand the business.

Adam Smith
Portfolio investor

But a number of people are also choosing to build on a brand new domain and invest all the budget into content/links then.

You can of course put as much effort yourself into writing content and getting links, the budget is for paying external suppliers.

Every month we will be tracking the total number of articles published since start, the total number of sessions received in the month and total earnings for the month along with what was spent.

Month 1 update – August 2019

(scroll to the right)

Real name or nicknameAged or new domainTotal # of articles publishedTotal # of sessions in AugustRevenue to dateBudget used to dateNotes
Khalid FarhanNew brandable domain0 so far. Just designed it. Things have been crazy busy0$0Around $100
Charles TAged domainZero content for the time being as just purchased it and content strategy plan is in the progress0$0$840 for the domain name 
Steve BrownAged domainThe site has 9 reviews and a blog post on it1,484 organic search visitors$58.21Just under $2K spent so farI’m using WordPress, and monetizing mainly with Amazon so far
Don MakNew domainIt has 12 posts at the end of August0$0Around $280Next month will be about building a social footprint and doubling the content
Cobus van VuurenI bought a Premium Custom Niche Site from a provider a while back that I have done nothing with yet9 posts 4 pages39 sessions$0$973.50 
Dianne GiambussoNew domain4 posts62 organic search sessions$0.010 
Steve LaumanI used an existing site I’ve owned since 201210 published posts125 sessions$0$98Spent approx 60 hours on the site so far
Angelo Sorbello 5 posts0$0.8$360Built a link from a guest post
Hektor Ehring JeppesenAged domain050 sessions$0$2,120 
Matt TullettExisting site bought for $750 but have done nothing with it01,686 page views$0$1,149I spent $399 on 10k words of content which I am currently editing (not live)
Richard PateyExisting site30 new, 50 existing298$0$3,400I canonicalled 15 existing pages of content I personally wrote and added 7 pages acquired
Yury ByalikPremium/aged domain name  $0$1,000 – $500 for domain, $500 invested into linksi’m moving the current site to a new domain and i’ll be replacing this one with a new site I’m working (strictly affiliate based). Will have a better update for next month.

3 thoughts on “Content Site Challenge – The Micro Acquisitions Approach To Flipping Websites”

  1. Hi Richard,

    Do you update the stats at the end of every month? Very interested to see how this goes for each website owner.


    1. Hi Billy, thinking will be best to update this every quarter now.

      Likewise I’m interested to see how much equity / site value can be generated from $10k within a year 🙂


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