First Post: Introduction to Myself and My Web Projects That Generate a Full-Time Income 1

First Post: Introduction to Myself and My Web Projects That Generate a Full-Time Income

Not sure how many people will read this post, but here goes: the first ever blog post on RankXL.

My name is Chris. I make my full-time income online through blogging, and have been doing so for the last 2 years.

I currently run 8 websites which last month (November 2014) brought in $3646.32 in earnings.

I run 8 blogs, but I have 40 in total. The 8 are the only ones I currently maintain.

The others have died off unsuccessfully, were not profitable enough to keep spending time in, or were penalized and lost rankings.

They still bring in some traffic from old posts so I have them up, although the combined income per month is only $100-$200.

Why I created RankXL

I decided to create RankXL as an online log of my activities and to share what I’m doing with others. Hopefully, others can learn from my mistakes, successes, and failures.

I’ve been making money online for exactly 5 years now. Of that, I’ve been generating a full-time income for only 2 years. So why the blog now, all of a sudden?

I have a new goal for 2015: It’s to completely up my game to cross 5-figures ($10,000 minimum) per month.

However, I’ve never reached $10,000 in income with it. The highest monthly earnings to date was $5,262.62. Sure, it’s good money, but I know I can make it better.

The thing about the blogs that I run is that they are so passive. There have been times where I did absolutely zero work for 2 weeks and income remained constant. That’s what I love about it and that’s why I continue to work on them.

So the goal for 2015 is to finally cross that 5-figure a month mark. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I will have earned 6-figures from my blogs.

Sharing My Journey

I’ve spoken to a lot of other people in the industry and they all advised I should record my journey somewhere publicly. They said it would help keep me accountable for my goal. It made sense.

While others might prefer to start one of those “follow my journey” forum threads on Black Hat World or Warrior Forum, I decided to just create my own blog.

Yes, it would take longer to set up and maintain, but I would own it. And, as a webmaster with a portfolio of nearly 100 websites, ownership of content is very important to me.

So, whoever’s reading this, my first ever post, I hope you’ll stick around and follow my journey.

27 thoughts on “First Post: Introduction to Myself and My Web Projects That Generate a Full-Time Income”

  1. Just found your blog this morning Chris and have decided to start from the very beginning 🙂

    You are doing exactly what I wish to be doing one day – I just seem to be lacking the confidence from the fear of failing because of not knowing what to do and how to progress. Hopefully your blog will help me make a start!

  2. Great site Chris! I just learned of your site today from another big promoting your course. I have went through all your income reports, great info! Now starting from the beginning of the blog. I am hooked 🙂

  3. Just discovered your blog through a friend on Facebook. Starting right at the beginning. You should maybe create a sitemap or list of your posts by date so new people can start at the start of your journey and get up to date.

  4. you rock man , i found this useful website exactly when i need it…. This your first post will definately goes to thousands of comments 1 day

  5. Sarvesh Shrivastava

    Hey Chris,

    RankXL and you have played a big role in my success. Your guides have helped me reach $10k/month mark starting from zero.

    Please keep up the good work mate. 🙂

  6. Richard Butler

    Hi Chris, just found your blog and think you are doing an excellent job. I look forward to reading all your posts.


  7. You are incredible. I have read many articles about your sucess and strategies. Ans now finally in your first post too. 🙂

  8. Hi, Chris

    Just found your blog a few days ago and I feel like I struck a goldmine! I started in Adsense in 2012 and I did what many people did that no longer works: built hundreds of micro niche sites around keyword domains. Only a few were major earners and the most I ever earned in a month was just over $3000. That was in August 2013.

    Then Google’s update came and I lost nearly all my rankings and most of my earnings. I wrote Adsense off as an unstable way to earn money online.

    But now I’ve found your site and see EXACTLY what I did wrong. I have new hope and like you, I believe I can hit that $10,000 mark!

    So far I’ve read your entire blog and I like the fact that you respond to every post. I plan on following you from here on out. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Dennis!

      If you have experience getting to 4-figures then you certainly have the experience and skill set to do so.

      Glad you’re giving it another try. Best of luck!

  9. Hey, Chris… Thanks for sharing these resourceful articles on niche sites. I have already read few of your articles and reached to your First Post now.

    I have been working on my blog for almost 2 years but it did not grow well. My only earning source is Adsense. It’s a little bit frustrating now because I don’t get enough search traffic till now as it is not a niche site but broad.

    I have a question. What should I do now? Should I start a new niche or continue with the old one (Broad) ? If I follow all the strategies properly, will it help grow in future? It hard for me to decide as it took lot of time and work as well.

    1. Hey Faizul, thanks for reading the blog. Hard to tell without seeing your site, but check to make sure your niche is large enough to keep growing in. If you already have a lot of strong links pointed at your domain, then it may be worth it to continue with that, even expanding to other related niches other than the one you’re targeting now. Best of luck!

  10. Hi Chris
    The journey starts with a single step and here we are with the first post of rank xl back in 2015. Just to let you know I really enjoyed this post and Am inspired! Will look also on the other post. Keep up the great work!

    But just one quick question, what are the niche for all the 8 websites?


  11. Hi Chris,

    Your first blog brings inspiration to me. I have started my first and new blog two months back and published 6 posts until now. I was finding some inspirations and to learn the SEO techniques and I landed up here.
    Now I will go through all your posts to learn new off page activities and build my blog accordingly.
    Great Content !!! Keep Sharing for newbies.

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