How To Get High Quality Articles Written For Only $5 on iWriter 1

How To Get High Quality Articles Written For Only $5 on iWriter

When my blogs began to grow in traffic, I started to experiment with hiring others to write my articles for me.

When your blog starts to build up authority, it becomes extremely profitable to start scaling. Content published on your domain gets indexed faster, ranks faster, and brings in more traffic from long-tail keywords.

Researching, writing, and formatting probably took the most of my time and it seemed like it would be impossible to scale my sites to hundreds of pages liked I planned at the pace I was going.

So, I decided to try out iWriter, which seemed to have to the simplest to use platform.

Although I have a full-time writer for my main site now, iWriter is what I’ve been using to outsource my articles and get them written for me for years before my first hire.

But there’s a right way and a wrong way to get your articles written on this site.

The writers on iWriter can produce some really spammy, low-quality articles if you do it the wrong way.

But I’ve figured out a way to get around this without having to pay for their top option. I’ll show you exactly what that is here.

But first, a little background on what iWriter is and how it works.

How iWriter works

With iWriter, you simply log in, order an article, and it’s written for you within 24 hours. Sometimes it’s faster. I’ve never had to wait over 24 hours.

There are hundreds of thousands of writers on their site, and when a job is posted, it’s first-come first-serve to the person who wants to accept the job.

It’s this simplicity that drove me to their site in the first place.

Ranked by skill level, priced by skill level

The writers on the site are ranked by skill level. (From 1 to 5 stars)

You’re able to choose which level of writers you want to submit your job to. The higher the level, the higher the price.

I have never tried the highest option. It’s ridiculously high in my opinion, and is more suited for large publishing agencies who want to make 100% sure they receive the highest quality content.

Instead, I always go for the BASIC option

This is their lowest (and cheapest) option available. That’s $5 for a 700-word article and $3 for a 500-word article!

Picking the lowest option doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the weakest writers.

The great thing about iWriter is that this submits your job to ALL levels of writers. It doesn’t just submit it to the lowest ranked writers.

Obviously, 5 star writers aren’t going to accept low-paying jobs, but there are plenty of good writers on the platform who just don’t have enough experience to raise their rankings.

But no matter which level you choose, there’s one thing you NEED TO DO in order to get a high-quality article written for you.

The writers aren’t bad writers, they’re just instructed to be bad

When I first started using iWriter, I noticed something common every time I ordered an article. They had an extremely high keyword density.

It seems like iWriter’s writers are trained to write “SEO articles” and maintain a high keyword density throughout. I can only assume that it’s because most people who order articles on the platform request stuff like this.

The articles read so bad. The first few times I ordered, I had to ask for a re-write (which is free to do).

When I asked them, “Can you NOT make this an SEO article?” the difference in quality was like night and day.

The thing is, these writers are pretty good writers. The only reason the articles sucked was because they had to stray away from their natural form of writing and instead try to fit in keywords all over the place.

When I realized this, iWriter suddenly became my secret sauce. I was getting high quality articles at a very cheap price. PLUS, because there were so many writers on the platform, I never had to wait more than a few hours.

My job would get accepted almost instantly and it would be completed within the next few hours.

After a while, I had my own little template for writing instructions that ensured I get only the highest quality articles at the cheapest price.

So how should you write the instructions?

The first thing is to make sure that you tell them: “THIS IS NOT AN SEO ARTICLE.”

In iWriter, you’re given a box where you set your keywords.

Whatever you put in here, writers think that they need to heavily optimize the article for.

Instead of a my keyword, I’ll put in the title of my article.

It’s important to come up with the title yourself. That gives the writer good direction on what to write the article about.

Under article purpose, write your instructions like this:

This is the most important part. Just tell them to write naturally and NOT to focus on keyword density.

This alone makes the article so much better quality.

Instruct them to use sources and to list them at the bottom of the article. This, again, makes the article even higher quality because it makes sure that the writer uses sources and gives them to you, too.

Under Special Instructions, just make a note about spinning and scraping.

This is really important. There are a few writers on iWriter who will just take a bunch of articles off the web, put them together and then spin it.

This note makes sure you prevent them from accepting your job.

And that’s it, really.

This is what the final job description should look like.

How to get started with iWriter

The reason that I got started using their platform was because I never outsourced any article writing before them.

I didn’t really want to invest a whole lot of money and I didn’t want to wait a long time to get my articles delivered.

Getting started with iWriter is really fast.

First, set up your free account.

Just go to and click this button to get started.

After that, just log in, deposit however much you need through PayPal, and you can start outsourcing articles.


iWriter won’t give you world-class outsourced content.

It’s not the best place to be ordering your articles for meaty posts targeting big keywords. You’ll get higher quality articles using Textbroker for something like that.

What I use them for is my inner pages – smaller articles targeting smaller keywords.

It’s the easiest way for me to get some quick articles written without paying very much money.

$5 for a 700 word-article is really cheap. You might argue that you could potentially find cheaper writers at places like Elance, but you’ll also have to go through the process of submitting a job, researching applicants, and interviewing them.

iWriter is the best option if you don’t have much experience with outsourcing and want some good articles written quickly for your new blog.

And with the tips I’ve given you, you should be able to get them at the lowest price possible.

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