Alpha Investors Acquires

We’re (again) growing!

I’m very proud to announce the most recent strategic acquisition. Alpha Investors acquired Richard Patey’s

And not only that. Richard will join our team as Director of Acquisitions.

This ‘move’ makes a lot of sense. Flipping Websites is an established online community with over 2,000 members, a podcast, and a lot of synergies with Alpha Investors.

This means that we’ll be porting all that content to AI and that Richard will now be in charge of our deal flow service.

Here’s what Richard had to say about this deal:

This acquisition will give us a much-needed boost for our next big project.

I, unfortunately, can’t share more information right now, but we plan to create a lot of noise in the website investing community in the coming months.

This is just a first step in establishing Alpha Investors as a go-to company for everyone looking to buy, sell, or build their online business.

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You’ll be hearing from us again soon.

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