Alpha Investors Acquires RankXL

Our ‘family’ just got bigger! We’re thrilled to announce that Alpha Investors recently acquired RankXL, a blog in the online marketing industry founded by Chris Lee in 2015.

RankXL focuses on helping aspiring online entrepreneurs build and rank (using SEO) content sites which makes it a perfect strategic acquisition for Alpha Investors.

Chris has created multiple in-depth online courses which we’ll use as a solid foundation and keep developing them by adding in our own systems and processes.

We’re confident that the current RankXL user base will enjoy this change and everything that comes with it.

This acquisition will allow us, Alpha Investors, to add a new benefit to our clients – a complete online course that will show them how to properly set up, grow, and, eventually, sell their website.

This is just a first step in establishing Alpha Investors as a go-to company for everyone looking to buy, sell, or build their online business.

You’ll be hearing from us again soon.

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