SEO Audit

Is your website built
on bad foundation?

Publishing more content and building more links won’t fix the issue. If you’re targeting the wrong keywords, have a bunch of technical and structural errors, or if your site is very slow – you’re wasting money.

It’s time to fix that.

If you’re not ready to pull the trigger on our Full Website Management service just yet, and you’d like to test the waters to see if you can increase the organic traffic DIY style – this is for you.

Here are the most common reasons you need an SEO audit:

  • Your traffic is declining, or you got hit by a Google penalty.
  • You’re spending a lot of money on content and backlinks but without any results.
  • You need help figuring out the best SEO strategy for your site.

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above, don’t worry.

You’re not alone.

Dozens of website owners come to us every month with the same set of problems.

There are hundreds of reasons why your site might not be performing the way it ‘should,’ but it all boils down to a handful of macroelements that we cover in our in-depth reporting.

We’ve seen them all. If not on our clients’ sites, then probably within our portfolio of websites. Yes, we also run and operate our own websites ;). That’s how you know that everything we do has previously been stress-tested one way or another.

Based on the 500+ audits we’ve completed since 2013, our expert team has broken down the audit into six main deliverables, plus a detailed action plan on how to implement them.

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SEO Audits

Here’s an overview of everything you get on the completion of your SEO audit.

Competition audit and analysis

We take a close look at your organic competitors to learn what works for them and how we can produce something even better.

We’re not reinventing the wheel. We need to know what’s currently working in order to improve it and give you the best possible chance to win.

Website quality audit

We open up our toolbox and crawl your entire website. After that, every page is manually reviewed by one of our experts, and we create a detailed action plan at the URL level.

This is one of the most important reports because it helps us design your website’s optimal growth strategy.

Technical SEO audit

After reviewing all the pages, we take a closer look under the hood.

We look for broken links, redirects, page speed issues, cannibalization, poor structure… you name it. You can’t build a skyscraper without a proper foundation. This will be your foundation.

Full content audit

The website quality audit shows us which pages require an in-depth manual review.

That’s when our content team jumps in and starts combing through your content left and right. We’ll use Google Analytics, Search Console, and Ahrefs to determine which pages need to go, and which pages should be redirected or simply updated and upgraded.

Keyword research for existing and new pages (gap analysis)

This is not the automated process used by 99% of agencies, contractors, and freelancers. It’s not a simple plug-and-play system.

This is what makes or breaks your website. We spend a LOT of time analyzing the SERPs and figuring out which keywords you should target and how. We also find the keywords your competitors rank for but that you don’t. You end up with a list of quick wins that should definitely make a long-term difference in your bank account.

On-page SEO audit

Most website owners overlook this step. You might have expertly written content and dozens of backlinks pointing to it, but if you’re not taking care of the basics (H1, H2, H3 titles, having a main keyword in the intro paragraph, ALT tags on your images, etc.), you won’t rank.

Well, you might rank on the first page, but you can forget about the top spots or even the featured snippet that brings in 95% of the clicks.

Detailed action plan

Just providing you with the audits would probably leave you in the same situation as you were in before. You wouldn’t know what to do or how to do it.

The goal of our audit isn’t to overload you with information. The goal is to provide an actionable and clear plan on how to execute everything we find during the audit. We create an action list that is prioritized based on what actions have the highest impact on your site’s SEO performance.


Now that we’ve explained what you get, the big question is:
Are you ready to getstarted ?

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You send us a few details about yourself and your site and brief us on the site’s history.

Our SEO lead reviews the information provided and gets back to you within 24h.

If your site is a good fit, we send you a payment link. Our in-depth audits start at $2,000, depending on the number of pages on your site.

You grant us access to your website and its Google Analytics and Search Console.

We deliver a full report together with your action plan in three weeks or less.