A Giant List Of Every SEO And Digital Marketing Blog I Read And Subscribe To

A Giant List Of Every SEO And Digital Marketing Blog I Read And Subscribe To

I get a lot of emails asking me which SEO and marketing blogs I read and recommend.

Below is a list of every blog that I’m either subscribed to, follow, or read on a frequent basis. It’s pretty much the entire list of blogs I have in my Chrome Bookmarks folder.

The kinds of blogs I love: Blogs whose main intention isn’t to sell you on a product. Blogs I subscribe to simply because their articles are so good that I don’t want to miss the next one. These are the blogs you’ll find below.

NOTE: This list isn’t a rankings of any type, nor is it in any particular order. All blogs in this list are worthy of reading and learning from.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

Rogue Bloggers

Rogue Bloggers are simply what I consider to be personal blogs. They’re not huge publications, or multi-author blogs.

Some of the larger ones might have one or two hired writers helping them, but the main platform belongs to the influencer who founded the site.

Smart Passive Income

I feel I need to put Pat Flynn’s blog at the very top since it’s what led me to discover online marketing.

I was extremely fortunate to stumble upon his blog nearly a decade ago, and it’s impressive to see how much his brand has grown over the years. Whatever you’re looking for help with, you’re likely to find an article, or twenty.

Robbie Richards

One of the first blogs I recommend to people who want to learn marketing. Robbie runs a marketing agency and writes about all the things he’s experienced, learned, and tested on his blog.

As a result, instead of just writing about theory, his content is packed with actionable tips that you can use and apply to your own sites.


An SEO blog I would literally get hate mail for not adding to this list. Brian Dean’s blog is arguably the most popular (and most loved) blog by SEO enthusiasts.

His content is amazing.

He doesn’t publish often, but when he does, you can already assume it’s gotten hundreds of comments and thousands of shares by the time you get around to reading it.

Some of the highest quality and well-written content in this industry.


SEO blogs run by real, practicing SEO consultants are often the most helpful since you know they’re actively field-testing the strategies they talk about on their blog. Jason Acidre’s blog is no exception.

He’s a digital marketing consultant based in the Philippines, and works with big companies all around the world. Read a few of his articles, and you’ll see why he’s considered a world-class link builder.

Point Blank SEO

If you ask anyone in this field who the best link builders are, Jon Cooper’s is one name you’ll always hear.

What’s most impressive is that he started at a really young age. He had the respect of the top link building veterans when he was still in college.

Today, he continues to provide a ton of great insight and strategy on link building. Although his site isn’t updated often, you should definitely go back to the beginning and read everything he’s written.

Eric Ward

Eric Ward is considered the pioneer of link building, building links and teaching strategy before search engines even valued them as a ranking metric.

He was the first link marketer hired by Amazon.com and a teacher, mentor, and friend to many of today’s biggest SEO marketers.

His blog contains timeless link building strategies that he’s written over the decades he has been working in this field.

Create And Go

Most blogs that share blogging advice are full of generic, repurposed content – people saying the same things over and over again with no real context or value within the articles.

Create and Go is different. Alex and Lauren run a very successful health blog, Avocadu, alongside Create and Go. They share everything that they’re doing to grow Avocadu, and give their readers a behind the scenes look at what goes into building a successful blog.

One of the things I admire most about Alex and Lauren is that they quit their jobs BEFORE making their blogs successful. This wasn’t just an accidental successful blog.

They burned all their bridges, and went all in on making blogging their career. And they made it! They’re not just making a living. They’re absolutely crushing it.

Fat Stacks Entrepreneur

One of the first online marketers I’ve had the pleasure of befriending when I launched RankXL. Jon Dykstra is an active content publishing ninja, building out his own giant authority sites.

He’s one of the few genuine, successful practitioners in this craft and he shares everything in his blog. I, myself, have learned a ton of things from reading it.

Authority Hacker

Probably the best blog (and podcast) for people interested in building authority sites. Gael, Mark, and Perrin, are extremely smart marketers who spend their days building out their own profitable authority sites.

On their blog, and online course, they hold nothing back and share everything they know.

They’re one of the only blogs where I feel I’m 100% a target audience, since everything they publish is helpful/related to what I do.<


Neil Patel is a household name for anyone in the digital marketing space.

I’ve been reading his blog since I discovered online marketing, and I never miss an article (although he’s been publishing so much content lately it’s hard to keep up with!).

The most helpful content on his site are definitely his ultimate guides, which you can find in the sidebar of his blog.

Neil Patel

What do you do when you build the most popular online marketing blog in the world? You build another one and eat up even more search real estate!

Built after QuickSprout, Neil quickly grew his new personal blog into a must-read resource for online entrepreneurs. Combined with QuickSprout, his brand, work ethic, and marketing knowledge is un-ignorable.


It seems as though Glenn Alsopp has been around forever. And he just keeps getting better and better.

ViperChill is known for its really in-depth (sometimes controversial) articles about SEO that really make you think.

While he doesn’t post much on this blog anymore (see next 2 blog features to see why), you’ll learn so much from going through his older articles.


Detailed and Gaps (see below) are Glenn’s newest ventures. Detailed is a blog full of content marketing ideas and case studies (published daily).

As someone who reads every blog post Glenn publishes, it’s awesome to see him creating content so frequently. If there’s one blog you check daily, make it this one! Fun, and educational.


Also run by Glenn Allsopp, and his new home for his personal blog. Gaps is like the counterpart to Detailed. On Detailed, you’ll find short-form content highlighting the best content marketing strategies.

On Gaps, you’ll find Glenn doing what he does best – writing long-form blog posts – usually ranging over 20 minutes in reading time. Each one is a must-read.

Diggity Marketing

Matt Diggity is a full-blown SEO specialist. You may know him already if you follow ViperChill, and you’ll be excited to know he has a blog of his own where he shares some unique, powerful strategies on SEO.

His style is a little different than mine, but he’s so successful at it that it makes me want to experiment! One of the blogs I’m reading more and more these days, and you’ll see why when you check his content out for yourself.


Noah Kagan isn’t someone I need to introduce. If, on the off chance, you don’t know him you may have heard of his companies: AppSumo and SumoMe.

Before that, he was #30 at Facebook and #4 at Mint. Needless to say, he’s got an infinite supply of experience and wisdom. On his blog, he shares his best business tips and also regularly interviews top performers on his podcast.

Kopywriting Kourse

Neville Medhora’s blog is one I visit on a weekly basis. He doesn’t just post world-class content on copywriting.

He posts entertaining blog posts on topics that nobody else ever thinks to write about, like “How To Become A Life Coach” or “Making Money With Music Licensing” and “How To Create A Content Mill.”

The cool thing is, he actually goes out and tries all these things, then shares it all on his blog.

Niche Pursuits

Spencer Haws is a digital marketing veteran, building everything from profitable niche authority sites to Amazon FBA businesses to successful software companies (he’s the founder of Long Tail Pro).

His blog contains some of the best, most modern information on how to build online businesses.

The best part about Spencer is that he doesn’t just write about theory. His posts always contain insightful information about his own experiences and results.

Cloud Living

Want to learn how to build profitable Amazon affiliate sites? Tung Tran’s blog, Cloud Living, is where to go.

He’s an active site builder himself, and very skilled at SEO, and shares a ton of insightful content on his experiences running a publishing business.

His training course and community is also one of the highest quality training I’ve seen in this industry.


One of my favorite blogs to read. Bryan Harris’ blog grew exceptionally quickly thanks to his massive case studies and guides on building email lists and running product launches.

His launches have been wildly successful, and as a result, they’re modelled after by some of the biggest bloggers online.

If you’re interested in building a list, VideoFruit is your blog to read.

Social Triggers

It’s rare to meet a marketer who hasn’t heard of Derek Halpern and his blog, Social Triggers.

His growth and influence in this space has been admired since the day I first got into digital marketing.

While not all of his content is directly related to what I do, his knowledge about audience building, sales copy, and product launches is second to none.

Alexis Grant

Alexis used to run a blog management company. That was later acquired by The Penny Hoarder, and now she works as their Executive Editor.

If that’s not awesome enough, to be leading the content team at one of the biggest media companies in the world, she also recently launched her own publication, The Write Life, and wrote all about the process on her blog. Very interesting reading.

Human Proof Designs

Dom Well’s blog is one of the best resources online that teaches you how to build successful affiliate sites.

Being an active practitioner himself makes for extremely detailed, helpful content. He also provides a ton of help and services for people who want training.

From offering complete done-for-you sites to article and link building services, you’ll find everything you need to get your affiliate site up and running.

Stream SEO

Another ninja content publisher who makes a healthy 6-figure income from building profitable authority sites.

Servando Silva is a very smart all-around online marketer. Experienced SEO and seasoned veteran in site publishing.

Although his latest focus seems to be in paid traffic and CPA marketing (where he’s crushing it), his blog contains some of the best SEO and site building content on the web.

Niche Site Project

Doug Cunnington is one of the most interesting marketers to follow. He’s very meticulous about his process of building and growing niche sites, and he’s probably one of the best teachers online.

His content is extremely thorough and detailed, and I always learn something new from his tips and case studies. My personal favorite is his 12-part “Go White Hat” series. Go check it out.

Authority Website Income

Jon Haver’s blog makes me feel bad about myself every time I visit.

Apart from his blog and authority sites, he runs multiple different online businesses and somehow manages to continue growing each one successfully. Just check out his income reports.

He’s so organized and systematic with every aspect of his business. I, on the hand, feel overwhelmed when I have just 2 projects going on at once.

Matthew Woodward

A can’t-miss blog for online marketers. Matthew Woodward’s blog has been around forever, and he continues to publish awesome content for his readers.

My favorites are his SEO tutorials and his monthly income reports. Matthew is a seasoned SEO expert, and his insights and reviews on strategies or the latest tools are extremely helpful no matter what level you are.

Dumb Passive Income

Notice a commonality in the blogs here? Most authors are active, successful SEO’s and site publishers themselves. Matthew Allen is no exception. His blog is a must-read if you’re interested in this industry.

I love reading it myself because it’s so personal. He, too doesn’t just post stuff about theory. He talks about his own experiences and results with his blogs.

Niche Site Azon

Mike Bradford is also a successful niche site builder. He builds and grows Amazon affiliate sites, and teaches everything he knows on his blog.

The best part is that he goes through extensive case studies journaling everything he did, what worked, and what didn’t.

He’s been so successful at ranking his sites, he’s built a link building service to help others get the same results.

Matthew Barby

Previously the Global Head of Growth and SEO at HubSpot, and now their Director of Acquisition Marketing. He’s also an advisor to many startups, helping them scale organic traffic.

HubSpot is one of the leaders/innovators in content marketing and producing new SEO data and experiments that help the rest of us marketers. Matthew is at the heart of it all. Unsurprisingly, his blog has some of the most valuable marketing content I’ve ever read.

Sujan Patel

Speaking, blogging, building software companies, running an agency, skydiving… Sujan Patel does it all, and it seems like everything he builds turns out successful.

To put it simply, the guy is extremely smart and hustles his butt off.

He’s helped companies like Sales Force, Mint, Zillow, and Linkedin with their online marketing, and he shares his strategies on his blog. You’ll definitely learn a thing or two from reading his blog.

Nathan Barry

If you don’t know who Nathan Barry is, you may have heard of his software company ConvertKit. I’ve been following Nathan for years, and am constantly going back to re-read his articles.

His blog started long before he launched ConvertKit, and has a lot of great content on self-publishing books, creating sales pages, and running product launches.

Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis is probably the person I’m most envious of.

He’s got the ideal online business – A great personal brand, awesome branding and design, a simple and effective publishing format (his Sunday Dispatches newsletter which I read every week), and a catalogue of best-selling products.

The best part, he purposefully keeps his business “small” without needing to limit his revenue.

Justin Jackson

Once you stumble upon anything published from Justin Jackson, you’ll end up binge reading/watching/listening everything he’s ever created, which is a ton of content.

His experience with creating, marketing, and selling products is amazing, but how much he’s willing to share and help others is what sets him apart from everyone else.

Tim Ferriss

I could leave this description blank.

Everyone knows who this man is. But for those of you who don’t, he’s the author of the best-selling book, The Four Hour Work Week, along with many others, and the host of the #1 podcast on iTunes, The Tim Ferriss Show, where he interviews world-class performers.

His blog contains timeless articles on productivity, success, health, and building a business.

Navid Moazzez

Want to build a big email list, and a group of loyal subscribers, insanely fast? Follow Navid Moazzez, the king of virtual summits.

Using his methods, people have grown their online businesses incredibly quickly. As a result, he’s built a large community of super fans of his own.

One thing Navid does really well is stepping out of his comfort zone and networking with big influencers, and that’s something I personally really appreciate.

Jon Loomer

One of my bigger goals for next year is to get better at running Facebook ads at a profit. And Jon Loomer’s blog will be my number one resource.

He’s a Facebook expert and gives away the farm on all of his best advertising strategies, from setup to tracking and measuring your campaigns. For Facebook advertising, it’s tough to find a blog better than Jon’s.

Grow And Convert

Benji Hyam’s original plan was to write a book about content marketing.

Devesh Khanal told him it was stupid and he should just start a blog and apply everything he knew about content marketing, and use that as a case study.

Together, they started Grow And Convert and quickly grew it into thousands of visitors per month, sharing everything along the way on their blog.

Melyssa Griffin

Melyssa is crushing it, and has one of the biggest followings in this industry. Her blog has some great tips on running an online business.

Thousands of people (myself included) have taken her online courses, where she teaches everything from list building, launching online courses and getting massive amounts of traffic from Pinterest.

She also launched a business podcast recently that’s quickly turning into one of my favorites.


Some of the most actionable SEO tips can be found on Webris’ blog by Ryan Stewart, who has an “unhealthy obsession with being considered the world’s best internet marketer.” Why are they so actionable? Because the tips and strategies he writes about are the same ones he practices on a daily basis for his agency clients.

SEO By The Sea

Bill Slawski’s blog, SEO By The Sea, is a littler different than the other SEO blogs mentioned here, covering patent applications, IR papers, algorithmic search technology and other technically interesting and often useful topics.

It’s the reason why it’s a favorite amongst serious SEO’s.

A Better Lemonade Stand

Want to learn the ins and outs of ecommerce and running a successful online store? There’s no better resource than Richard Lazazzera’s blog, A Better Lemondate Stand.

Richard was part of Shopify’s growth team himself, helping them grow from 60K to 200K merchants during his tenure. Today, he works on A Better Lemonade Stand, already reaching over 150,000 monthly readers.


Need/Want has one of the coolest businesses I’ve ever seen, and it’s something I would love to do one day.

They’re a group of close friends who launch awesome physical products, usually through Kickstarter.

Their blog goes into full detail on how they designed, manufactured, and launched their products, and they even share some of their numbers as well. I’m not into building a physical products business at all, but Need/Want makes me want to try.

Company Blogs & Larger Publications

These are blogs published from companies and larger publications and media companies.

Search Engine Land

Need to keep up with what’s going on in SEO? Search Engine Land has long been the best (and fastest) news provider for the world of search.

For anybody who’s interested in search engines, and especially if you work in this industry, you should be reading this blog regularly.

Search Engine Journal

Another major publisher in the world of search, and another must-read if you’re active in this industry.

They regularly have really big names in the marketing world like Larry Kim and Neil Patel to contribute articles for them.

Search Engine Roundtable

Barry Schwartz is one of the biggest names in the SEO industry. He’s the founder and editor of Search Engine Roundtable, and his insights on current events and strategies are always spot on. He’s also the editor of Search Engine Land, and before that, was a writer for Search Engine Watch. The man has been around, and definitely knows his stuff.

Content Marketing Institute

Want to learn content marketing? There’s no better place than Content Marketing Institute.

The founder, Joe Pulizzi, is a leading evangelist for content marketing, and the blog contains valuable tips and strategies from some of the biggest names in marketing.

Nieman Lab

One of my favorite news sites to read. Nieman Lab covers the latest news and updates on the world of publishing and journalism.

More specifically, if you’re looking for stories like the latest successful media companies, BuzzFeed failing to hit their revenue goals, or The New York Times’ new monetization strategy, you’re going to find it on Nieman Lab.

If you’re as interested in content businesses as I am, this will quickly turn into one of your favorite blogs.


Similar to NiemanLab, AdExchanger also covers the world of publishing, advertising, and media.

As a site publisher, you’ll get a ton of ideas for your own content, monetization strategy, and growth models by staying up to date with news and strategies implemented by the big companies


One of the highest quality publications in digital media that publishes to inform and educate, instead of chasing page views. I follow a lot of big media companies, with the hope of creating something similar myself.

Digiday is where I can learn about what my favorite big media companies are up to, and how it’s working out for them.


Moz offers a suite of awesome tools for SEO’s, and also has the leading, most trusted, SEO blog in this industry.

The founder, Rand Fishkin, and their team offer high-quality, up-to-date strategic articles (with many articles contributed from some of the biggest names in the marketing world).

For people just getting started, their beginner’s guide is the #1 most recommended resource to get started.


Ahrefs also offers a suite of SEO tools, and is the favorite for most professionals working in this industry. You won’t find any generic theory-based articles like “5 Tips To Improve Your Rankings” on their blog.

Headed by Tim Soulo, their blog is one of the leaders in producing data-driven long-form research studies and detailed SEO guides. Definitely a must-read for all SEO’s.


When I hear the term, “content machine” Larry Kim comes to mind. The man is a top columnist for just about every major publication on this list.

Voted the #8 most popular author on Medium, the most influential PPC expert, Search Marketer of The Year, Most Influential Search Engine Marketer, Most Tweeted SEM…

The list is endless. After growing WordStream to a multi-million dollar company, he’s now moved onto his newest venture, MobileMonkey.


Distilled is one of the most popular digital marketing agencies in the world. But what sets them apart is how active they are in putting out high quality content.

Want to learn SEO directly from one of the top agencies in the world? They offer a training program, DistilledU, used by some of the largest companies in the world like Ebay, Adobe, and Marriot Hotels.


Wil Reynolds is considered one of the best, most innovative link builders in the world. As a result, nearly every professional in the marketing industry know of his agency, Seer.

Along with world-class marketing service for their clients, their blog is one of the best resources to learn digital marketing.

My recommendation? Read their blog and search YouTube for talks by Wil Reynolds. You’ll learn a ton about how link building is done at the highest levels.

Empire Flippers

Want to buy or sell an online business? Empire Flippers, founded by Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti, is one of the leading brokers in the industry.

Trusted by all of the big name site publishers, you can be confident you’ll get the best service (and deal) by working with them.

Their blog contains some really interesting content on their own experiences dealing with high-revenue sites on a daily basis.


I mention BuzzSumo on my blog a lot. And that’s because they’re one of my favorite content marketing tools.

I also read their blog, headed by Steve Rayson, regularly as it publishes unique data-driven insights and news in the world of content, and viral marketing.

If you’re a content publisher, BuzzSumo is a must-use tool AND a must-read blog.


I use Sumo to grow my email list on RankXL.

And lately, I’ve been visiting their blog more often than usual since they’ve been publishing content like a beast.

They regularly release killer long-form articles based on case studies, and real-world tests that they’ve made themselves. Put simply, they are just really damn good at teaching what they’re good at.


Groove, led by Alex Turnbull, is a saas company that grew from zero to millions of dollars per year purely from content marketing. Their blog is an SEO’s and content marketer’s dream.

They share really personal tests, experiences, results, and numbers on their journey to growing their business.

What’s working with their content and marketing efforts, and what’s not. It’s one of the most transparent marketing blogs you’ll ever read.


Teachable quickly became every blogger’s favorite platform for building and delivering their online courses. They make what was once a very technically difficult process extremely simple.

I use them myself, and recommend them to anyone. Selling online courses is extremely profitable right now, and their blog teaches you all the ins and outs of building, growing, and launching an online course to your audience.


I use ConvertKit as my email service provider. They’re the #1 choice for people like me, since they custom-tailored their entire software towards professional bloggers.

Their blog is no different. It contains a library of content for anyone interested in pursuing blogging as a career. What’s awesome about their blog is that they publish “Issues” every month, which contain a series of case studies, research, and advice on specific topics.

The Hustle

The Hustle is changing the way young professionals consume news. Think of them like a tech blog, but everything is done through email.

Each morning, they send out one email with the top, most interesting stories and updates in tech.

Their blog contains some really interesting (often controversial) articles ranging from taking LSD for productivity purposes to how tall Tim Ferriss really is.


What you have here a huge list of the best, and highest quality, resources for learning SEO and digital marketing.

It’s amazing how much these bloggers share in their articles, completely free. Reading blogs from people who were already successful is how I learned a lot of what I know today.

I realize that there are probably a lot of popular blogs that I failed to mention in my list.

Remember, these aren’t rankings of any kind, nor is it any kind of “official” list. The blogs you saw were simply the ones I personally read and subscribe to.

Now over to you.

What are your favorite blogs? Are there any that weren’t included in this list that you love and recommend? Let me know in the comments, and I’d love to check them out.

34 thoughts on “A Giant List Of Every SEO And Digital Marketing Blog I Read And Subscribe To”

  1. Hey Chris,

    thanks for the kind words and including my site Fat Stacks. This is a great list; bookmark worthy. Thanks for sharing it. You listed some I wasn’t familiar with and it’s always great to get a few more quality sites added to my reading list.

    1. Hey Jon! For some reason your comment and a few others were sent to spam. Sorry about that.

      Of course! I love your blog, and am always recommending you to others πŸ™‚

  2. Woah Chris! That’s a huge list of blogs sharing goldmines of knowledge. I have already subscribed to few of the blogs in the list and will join the rest.

    Thanks again!

  3. Great List, Chris!
    Thanks for linking to my blog even though I don’t post as much on it lately. We focused a lot on CPA marketing (cleared 2M in 2016-2017 just with CPA) and now we also focus on FB ads and ecomm/lead gen. We easily spend 4 figures per day with FB Ads and looking to spend 5 figures per day this year.
    So if you want some recommendations as you’re looking to move into paid FB ads traffic you know where to find me πŸ™‚

  4. Bookmarked for some Great Reading, and less Google Searching for the Best of the Best. Thanks Chris for this awesome roundup of great sites.

  5. Chris,

    i’m a silent follower since almost a half year. First time i’ll comment on your blog.
    You always post such Great tutorials and great content.

    These collection of blogs is one of it.
    Can’t wait too see your next blog post.

    Keep up your good work!

  6. Thanks for sharing Chris! I’ve been following some of these blogs too, but to be honest, I never knew most of them.

    These are great addition to my reading list! πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks Chris for the amazing list. I do frequently visit some of them. SEO is very tricky especially when different writers differ in a particular point.

    Thanks for the list once more and keep updating us about your niche. Atleast my site gained an audience after reading you actionable tips.


  8. Hi Chris,

    Thank You, for this article, really valuable.

    Some of the blogs you listed which I follow include:

    -Neil Patel, Viper Chill, humanproofdesigns
    authority hacker,okdork,kopywritingkourse
    and social triggers.

    Others I have heard but not followed.

    There are lots of them I am hearing for the first time.
    I especially love the Paul Jarvis blog.

    There are some others you missed that are good blogs:

    1.digitalmarketer.com – Ryan Deiss

    2.iwillteachyoutoberich.com and growthlab.com – Ramit Sethi

    3.nichehacks.com – Stuart Walker

    and finally ranxl.com – Chris lee :), even though not on your list,
    I am sure it will be on others list πŸ™‚

    1. Woah thanks a ton for the heads up. Just checked now and saw that yours and a few others were marked as spam as well.

      So weird. Guess I’ll have to check spam comments more often now, which is annoying… so many people named “Cheap Jerseys”

  9. Really, really glad to see that Eric Ward was mentioned in here. I was a huge fan of his (RIP); his strategy really is timeless.

  10. I’ve subscribed to all of them. Thanks Chris for putting all the awesome blogs list here. Much more love!

    Have a great day!

  11. This post got me sold and bookmarked. Now I am reading your 2 module course which someone shared on BHW long long ago, I have no idea if it is free or not, but have to say, this is one of the best authority site building courses I’ve ever read.

    Hint: I read 6 years of BHW, so not a newbie anymore. Your course is seriously awesome and comfortable. I am fulfilled.

  12. Thomas Schalch

    Thanks for sharing these list of good bloggers about Digital Marketing. It would be very helpful in spreading ideas for the marketers. To keep updated with the trends nowadays. Keep on posting interesting information.

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